Rach Everett

Content Editor + Editor-in-Chief

As an editor, I enjoy overseeing and producing content for a wide range of national publications, blogs and businesses. I have acted as a managing editor and content strategist for some inspirational brands. My roles include being a staff editor, a brand editor-in-chief, and various commissioning and contributing editor posts. As a creative content consultant, I have directed a diverse range of client activity: from article contributions to leading full content marketing campaigns, providing overarching editorial leadership with a focus on brand voice. I have contributed to numerous digital and print publications, writing and editing articles across a range of niches including lifestyle, health and wellness, travel, food, style, design, beauty, parenting, human interest, business, finance, technology and education.


From big international companies to local brands, from lifestyle blogs to travel magazines, from consumer products to healthcare and well-being journalism.


To collaborate, please get in touch:

Contact me at rachel@thedigibureau.com or fill in the form below.